Aqua Distilled Water Company

This is a BPMN diagram example that shows the process of distilled water ordering.

As shown from the diagram, the customers can either call the ordering hotline or send us Email to order distilled water. Currently, 90% of the orders come from phone calls, while 10% orders are placed by Email. The customer service assistant who receives the order will check whether the customer is an existing customer or a new one. If the customer has never placed order before, the customer service assistant will create a customer account for him or her prior to processing the order.

The delivery of distilled water is carried out once a week on every Wednesday. So, on every Wednesday morning, the customer service assistant will forward orders to the Logistics Department for delivery. Once the manager in the Logistics Department has received the orders, he will arrange the delivery by assigning workers to manage different orders, printing and posting the schedule. The workers receive the calls and deliver water to the customer accordingly.

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