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How to generate RACI from EPC Diagram

RACI chart is a matrix capable of showing how people or roles are related to business activities in a business process. You may form a RACI chart from an EPC diagram to record the responsibility roles among roles, organization units and functions.

  • Responsible – The participant who do the activity.
  • Approver – The participant who approves or disapprove against an activity.
  • Consulted – The participant who need to comment on the activity.
  • Informed – The participant who need to be informed for any update about the activity.

To create a RACI chart from EPC diagram:

  1. Right click on the background of a EPC diagram and select Utilities > Generate RACI Diagram from the popup menu.
  2. The role R, abbreviation for responsible, is automatically assigned to the intersection of role/organization unit and function whenever the function is connected to the role or organization by information flow or assignment connector. You may add or remove roles by clicking on a cell in the chart and update the role selection.