Research Cooperation and Exchange

The academic world is an interesting example of international cooperation and exchange. This ERD example is concerned with modeling of a database that contains information on researchers, academic institutions, and collaborations among researchers. A researcher can either be employed as a professor or a lab assistant. There are three kinds of professors: Assistant, associate, and full professors. The following should be stored:

  • For each researcher, his/her name, year of birth, and current position (if any).
  • For each institution, its name, country, and inauguration year.
  • For each institution, the names of its schools (e.g. School of Law, School of Business, School of Computer Science,. . .). A school belongs to exactly one institution.
  • An employment history, including information on all employments (start and end date, position, and what school).
  • Information about co-authorships, i.e., which researchers have co-authored a research paper. The titles of common research papers should also be stored.
  • For each researcher, information on his/her highest degree (BSc, MSc or PhD), including who was the main supervisor, and at what school.
  • For each professor, information on what research projects (title, start date, and end date) he/she is involved in, and the total amount of grant money for which he/she was the main applicant.
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