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1. CMMN Diagram at a Glance

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This example illustrates process of paper writing modeled with CMMN. Suppose the paper writing is an intensive knowledge work and it can be handled in different ways. Let’s investigate this example a bit further as following:

  1. Process has two milestones that have to be reached:
    • Draft completed
    • Document completed
  2. Several tasks (e.g. Create TOC) are left to the discretion of the author.
  3. Prepare Draft stage with Write text and Integrate Graphics task are mandatory.
  4. This stage has defined repetition rule what is symbolized by repetition decorator (i.e. hash).
  5. While research topic is a mandatory task, the task organize references is to be decided in runtime. It’s similar to create TOC and generate list of figures.
  6. Process will be finished when document is created or the deadline is reached.

CMMN Example

 * Extracted from OMG Case Management Model and Notation specification


  • A case Plan Model is depicted using a “Folder” shape
  • The name of the Case can be enclosed into the upper left rectangle.
  • The various elements of a case Plan Model are depicted within the boundary of the case Plan Model shape.
  • The diagram shows an example of a case Plan Model.

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