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Software maintenance

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The Visual Paradigm Software Maintenance package includes both version upgrades and technical support services for our customers. The following benefits are all included in the Visual Paradigm Software Maintenance package.

Version upgrades

Typically, Visual Paradigm produces two to three versions per year, with approximately five to ten major new features and enhancements perversion. You are entitled to install any new versions of Visual Paradigm products that are released within your software maintenance period.

Technical support

Visual Paradigm is committed to delivering extraordinary technical support to our customers. Our Technical Support Team employs the following technologies to back up our products.

Online Ticket System

You can have unlimited access to our online ticket system where you can submit and track your previous support cases. Moreover, you will also have a full picture and history of your past and current interactions with our customer support team.

Priority Support

You will receive priority support via email at no additional cost. We will try our very best to get back to you within one business day or less.

Remote Assistance

You can access the remote assistance for a demo, installation, product configuration, product upgrade, and technical supports, etc.


Software maintenance is purchased on an annual basis (e.g., Aug 20, 2020, to Aug 19, 2021).

When you purchase Visual Paradigm in our online shop, the cost includes the software plus one year of software maintenance.

For existing users, you can extend maintenance in your customer account.

You can purchase software maintenance to cover up to three years from the date of purchase.

Detailed software maintenance package pricing is listed below.