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How to discover project keywords from problem statement

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A word usually can have various meaning under different domains. To clarify and standardize the meaning of your specific word, you can extract it from textual documentation to define it as a glossary term. After adding the word as glossary term, you can define its aliases and enter its documentation to provide additional information. In textual analysis, you can define a specific word by highlighting it on problem statement editor and add it to glossary. After that, define aliases and enter documentation for the glossary term in term editor.

  1. Highlight the specific term on problem statement editor, right click on it and select Add [the highlighted term] to Glossary from the pop-up menu.
    Add OTV to glossary
  2. When the Glossary Grid page is opened, right click on the newly created term and select Open Term Editor from the pop-up menu.
    Open Term Editor
  3. In the Term Editor page, open Definition tab.
  4. You can define aliases for the term and enter documentation as definition for the term. To insert an alias, click Add button to type the alias in the pop-up Input window. To enter the definition of the term, enter under Definition directly.
    Define aliases and enter documentation
    As a result, the columns of Aliases and Documentation are filled when you return to Glossary Grid page.

    1. If the Aliases column is hidden, click Configure Columns…, open the Properties tab and select it under the Details folder.
    2. In Glossary Grid, you can jump to the source from which a term was defined by right clicking on the term and selecting Transit From > %SOURCE_ELEMENT_NAME% from the popup menu.