Poke Player (Betting Round)

This is a sequence diagram example for poke player.

The scenario begins after the Start New Round case has completed. The UI asks the first player for a bet. That player chooses to either bet a given amount, or check (no bet).

The next player is asked what to do. If the prior player placed a bet, the next player must either match ("see") it, or match it plus add an additional bet ("raise"), or choose not to match and exit the round ("fold"). This continues around the table until an entire pass is made in which all players have either matched all other players' bets or folded.

If the next player doesn't have enough money to match the current bet, the player is allowed to bet all of their money. But they can then win only up to the amount they bet; the rest is a "side pot" among the more wealthy players remaining in the round.

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