A Token-Ring Based LAN

This is a UML class diagram example that shows how a token ring based LAN network can be modeled.

A token-ring based local-area-network (LAN) is a network consisting of nodes, in which network packets are sent around. Every node has a unique name within the network, and refers to its next node. Different kinds of nodes exist: workstations are originators of messages; servers and printers are network nodes that can receive messages. Packets contain an originator, a destination and content, and are sent around on a network. A LAN is a circular configuration of nodes.

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LAN is a local area network and this token ring Lan is explained very clearly in this graphical representation.


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A nice graphical diagram has been presented in the post, that is providing a clear image of the connectivity on the LAN. Would like to see more post, helping to gain information about new subjects.

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The above-mentioned diagram is really helpful. I really enjou=yed and learned from the diagram that you have drawn in your article.