A Token-Ring Based LAN

This is a UML class diagram example that shows how a token ring based LAN network can be modeled.

A token-ring based local-area-network (LAN) is a network consisting of nodes, in which network packets are sent around. Every node has a unique name within the network, and refers to its next node. Different kinds of nodes exist: workstations are originators of messages; servers and printers are network nodes that can receive messages. Packets contain an originator, a destination and content, and are sent around on a network. A LAN is a circular configuration of nodes.

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LAN is a local area network and this token ring Lan is explained very clearly in this graphical representation.

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A nice graphical diagram has been presented in the post, that is providing a clear image of the connectivity on the LAN. Would like to see more post, helping to gain information about new subjects.

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The above-mentioned diagram is really helpful. I really enjou=yed and learned from the diagram that you have drawn in your article.

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A nice graphical diagram has been presented in the post, Thanks

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Hello, Token Ring local area network (LAN) technology is a communications protocol for local area networks. It uses a special three-byte frame called a “token” that travels around a logical “ring” of workstations or servers.

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In token ring, first of all token is passed to those computer who want communication then again token is passed in ring topology. Data is only transfers to those computer those have a token. This prevent the data collision.

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LAN Stands Local Area Network. you can use the token ring based LAN.Pretty Interesting post. Could not be written any better. Thanks for sharing!

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