Use Cases – Release Planning

An ETL Table for listing Use Cases in a project. It allows for entering the additional Use Case properties below:
- Priority: The importance of use cases categorized as: Must Have, Should Have, Could Have or Won't Have
- Ranking: The ordering of use case based on their importance. 1 - most important, 2 - a bit less important
- Size: The scale of use case, which can be Very Large, Large, Medium, Small and Very Small. This is usually determined based on the anticipated scope and the amount of resources required to input
- Complexity: The difficulty and risk of work, which can be: High, Medium and Low
- Estimated Days: The number of estimated days required to complete this use case
- Planning Release: The release (e.g. 1.0, 2.0) in which the use case will be out
- Planned By: The project stakeholder who performed the planning
- Responsible Unit: The project stakeholder who are responsible to manage the development activity of this use case

Note: This sample will require you to have existing Use Cases in order for it to display properly.  You may also use one of our Use Case sample here.

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Posted by: Steven Guarino

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