How to Estimate User Stories?

Story estimating is definitely not a easy task. But Visual Paradigm has a very useful feature to help your team on this, called Affinity Estimation Technique.

Affinity Estimate 

  1. Estimate use stories in relative terms.
  2. Keep estimates manageable.
  3. Deal with spikes in early stage.

Visual Paradigm’s Affinity Table automate the affinity estimating process for you and at the time deal with the above important issues.

Why Visual Paradigm Affinity Table for User Stories Estimation?

  • streamlining the entire estimating process for your team
  • seamlessly integrated with story map and product backlog
  • Automatic calculate story point and days at the same time
  • provide traditional column based estimation or advanced matrix based estimation in switchable dual modes
  • help you to identify spikes and to be handled them in early stage

Learn More about Visual Paradigm Affinity Table Feature

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