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1. Using ArchiMate Diagram for TOGAF ADM

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Why Use TOGAF with ArchiMate?

Both TOGAF 9.1 and the ArchiMate 2.1 Modeling Language have been developed and maintained by The Open Group.  ArchiMate is a modelling language whilst TOGAF is a framework, which contains a method. TOGAF describes the process of developing and managing an enterprise architecture, but it doesn’t contain a defined modeling language structure.  ArchiMate is an architecture modeling language – much like the Unified Modeling language (UML) and Busines Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) which is complimentary to the TOGAF ADM development process.


Using TOGAF with ArchiMate

TOGAF ADM splits enterprise architecture  into  different domains into layers (i.e. the core layers of ADM: Business, Application/Data, Technology). ArchiMate also takes the same approach where in the different domains are corresponding to the different layers which are dependent on one another as shown in the the Figure:

Relationships between TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate

Using ArchiMate for TOGAF ADM

Both TOGAF ADM and Archimate define the different entities and relationships among those entities in their corresponding metamodels, and in fact, most of the TOGAF ADM deliverables can be represented and modeled by Archimate diagram notation with some supplement of textual information.

ArchiMate Diagram ArchiSurance Example