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How to form scrum team

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In Scrum Process Canvas, the scrum tool, perform the steps below to form your scrum team. You may try the steps interactively by visiting the interactive product tour.

  1. In the Scrum Process Canvas, click on the gear button next to the work item Scrum Team Members to open it.
    Configure scrum team
  2. To perform the step, click on the action artifact Scrum Team.
    Scrum team action artifact
  3. Select the scrum team members for this project. To select a member, click on the cell to toggle the member list. (Hotkey: Ctrl-Space)
    Member list
  4. This lists the team members of this project. Make sure the members are added to this project in order to view them here. Click on a member to select him/her.
  5. Enter the responsibilities of this member in the project.
  6. Enter any additional information about this member as notes.
  7. Repeatedly select the other team members and describe their responsibilities. Press Enter to create a new row.
    Scrum team form filled
  8. Go back to the work item page via the breadcrumb.
  9. When you are done, click on Commit at the bottom right corner, and then select Complete from the popup menu.