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Resource Centric

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Option Name Description
Show resources (default true) Show resource icons around shapes.
User interface Resource Catalog – Since Visual Paradigm 12.2, the classic Resource-Centric Interface had been enhanced to Resource Catalog for better usability. Choosing this option allows you to use Resource Catalog.
Classic – The classic mode of Resource-Centric. It provides you with a set of action icons around each shape. You can create and connect shapes through accessing those icons.
Show resources delay (second) 0 – 2 – Time needed to wait from having mouse cursor hover on shape till the resource icons appear.
Auto hide resource delay (second) Time needed to wait the resource icons to disappear when mouse cursor is moved out of a shape.
Show group resources (default true) Show group resources that appear when selecting multiple shapes.
Show extra resources (default false) Show also uncommon resource icons.
Show generic resources only (default false) Show generic resource but hide other resource icons.
Always show model element indicators (default true) Always show the reference, subdiagram, transitor, documentation resource icon at the bottom of shape no matter whether the shape has reference/sub-diagram/transitor/documentation added/defined.