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Option Name Description
Default author for non-teamwork project The name of person who edit the project. This will be filled in as the author within project management properties.
Delete model element when deleting its view Action that happens when all views of a model element are being deleted:

  • Ask – (default) Prompt if you want to delete the model element as well.
  • Delete without asking – Delete the model element as well.
  • Don’t delete – Do not delete the model element.
Confirm diagram deletion (default true) Prompt if you really want to close diagram.
Confirm shape deletion (default true) Prompt if you really want to delete a shape on diagram.
Never delete model elements with views (default false) If a model element has multiple views, delete any of them will never cause the model element to be deleted, even if you are deleting a master view.
Delete tagged values of deleted tagged value definitions Determine whether or not to delete a tagged value when its definition has been deleted.
Open last project on startup (default true) If checked, it will open the last opened project immediately when starting Visual Paradigm. If unchecked, it will open new project.
Show password in lock dialog pane
Lock by password
Do not remind me of project nickname (default false) If checked, when open project, a popup pane will appear at the bottom right of the screen to display the current nickname of the opening project