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File Types

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Model Reference allows you to add reference(s) to external file or URL into diagram element. You can open the referenced file or URL to get more information of the model in later stage. In the Options dialog box, you can configure to use specific application or command to open different types of file and specify your favorite web browser to open a URL. The system default handling method will be used if you have not configure the application or command to handle a particular file type.

Configure application/Command for file types

To configure application/command for file types:

  1. Press on the upper Add… button. This shows a window where you can add file extension.
  2. Specify the Extension. Any file reference with this extension will be opened by the particular application or command. Note that for a valid extension a dot is required to put in front of the name of that extension, such as .doc.
  3. Specify the Application/Command. The application or command for opening a file reference with file extension is same as that defined in the Extension field.
    A command can be entered directly to the text field and can include application arguments, while an application can be chosen from a file chooser by pressing … next to the text field.
  4. Specify the Name of this application or command. This is an optional field for identifying this file extension.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.