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Option Name Description
Default attribute type (default int) Type that will be assigned to Attribute upon code generation when type is unspecified.
Default operation return type (default void) Return Type that will be assigned to operation upon code generation when return type is unspecified.
Default parameter type (default int) Type that will be assigned to Parameter upon code generation when type is unspecified.
Generate Pre and Post Condition
Reverse interface getter/ setter as association
Auto realize interface (default false) Generate operations defined in interface in sub-classes.
Remove method body after changed to abstract method (default true) When an operation is set from non-abstract to abstract, updating code will remove the related method’s body.
Use “is” prefix for getters that return boolean (default true) Generate getter’s name as isXXXX() for getters that return a boolean value.
Synchronize source path (s) to server
Reverse Java Getter/Setter to
  • Attribute’s getter/setter property – Check the corresponding’s getter/setter property. Operations will not be created.
  • Getter/Setter operations – Reverse as operations
Add import statement instead of using fully qualified type name (default true) Add import statement for referencing classes in another package/namespace instead of using fully qualified name inline.
Import fully qualified type name for referenced type (default false) Use fully qualified type name in import statements instead of using wildcard character * to represent importing all classes in package.
Java Collection
  • Array – Generate one-to-many relationship as array
  • Collection – (default) Generate one-to-many relationship as collection
Use generic collections (default true) Allow to use generic collection.
Generate annotation on
  • Property method – Generate annotation on property method
  • Field – Generate annotation on field
Generate annotation in code convention (default true) Generate annotation in code convention.
Mapping type for date Select the type to map to for Date type
Text File Encoding
  • System default – (default) The default system encoding will be selected as encoding for source files
  • Other -Specify an encoding for source files