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2. Conversation Diagram

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A conversation diagram focuses on the communications between participants which visualizes messages exchange between pools.  You cannot create or display processes or choreographies in this diagram.

In the following example, the various conversations associated with deliveries from a supplier to a retailer are analyzed:

Conversation Diagram Notation

Participant – A Participant in a Collaboration or a Choreography.

Conversation Link – Conversation Links are used to connect ConversationNodes to and from Participants (Pools).

Sub-Conversation Link – A Sub-Conversation is a ConversationNode that is a hierarchical division within the parent Conversation.

Call-Conversation Link – A Call Conversation identifies a place in the Conversation where a global Conversation or a GlobalCommunication is used.

Group – A Group is a grouping of Activities that are within the same Category.

Text Annotation – Text Annotations are a mechanism for a modeler to provide additional information for the reader of a BPMN Diagram.

Association – A data association is used to model how data is pushed into or pulled from item-aware elements