Chapter 34. Diagramming and Modeling

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  5. Using Layers

Using Layers

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If you have ever experienced how hard it is to deal with a number of shapes, try the application of multi-layers. Visual Paradigm supports multi-layers to help you manage different shapes efficiently. The functions of layer assist you in assigning different shapes into different layers, hiding unnecessary shapes, locking shapes and selecting shapes in shortcut.

Creating a layer

  1. Click on View > Layers from the toolbar, or select Layers from the action bar on the right of the diagram.
  2. In the Diagram Layers window, click Create new layer button to create a new layer.
    Create a new layer in Diagram Layers window
  3. Finally, define the name for the newly created layer.
    New layer will be an active layer

Sending shapes to a layer

The existing shapes are kept in default layer. However, both existing shapes and the newly created shapes on diagram can be sent to a new layer.

Create a new layer is just like the steps of previous section. Right click on a shape and select Layers, and then select the new layer you have created.

Send the shape to a new layer

As a result, the shape you selected will be sent to the new layer.

Hiding shapes on a layer

In the Diagram Layers window, you can make a layer invisible on diagram. To do so, uncheck Visible of the layer.

Shapes on the layers are invisible on diagram

Locking shapes on a layer

In the Diagram Layers window, check Locked to make all shapes in that layer immovable and non-editable while uncheck Locked to make them movable and editable.

Shapes on the selected layer are locked

Selecting shapes on a layer

You can also select all shapes of the selected layer. To do so, click Select shapes in selected layers button in Diagram Layers window.

Shapes of the layer are selected on diagram