Chapter 34. Diagramming and Modeling

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  5. Using UML note

Using UML note

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In Visual Paradigm, UML notes can be created and attached to a shape via an anchor connector. The premier advantage of using UML notes is to annotate a specific model element on the diagram with normal text or HTML text or to define OCL.

Creating a UML note with resource centric

  1. Move the mouse over a shape.
  2. Press on the Resource Catalog icon and drag it out.
    Mouse the mouse over a shape
  3. Release the mouse button at the position where you want to create the note shape.
  4. Select Anchor -> Note from Resource Catalog.
    Drag the resource icon
  5. The note is created and is is connected with the shape.
    Note created

Editing UML note content

  1. Double click the note to start editing its content. Note that the toolbar above the note can be used to format its content.
    Start editing
  2. Drag the bottom right corner of note to resize it.
  3. Click on the diagram background to confirm editing the note.