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Adding cover page

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A cover page is a page that can be added at the beginning of a document. Whether or not to add such page is up to the writer. There are two kinds of cover page you can add into a document. The first one is to print the cover page in a program defined way. This approach requires you fill in some of the background information like the document title, organization name and author name, etc. The second kind of cover page is fully designed by you, the writer. It is called a free style cover page.

Built-in Cover Page

  1. Click on the   button on the document’s toolbar.
  2. Open the Cover Page tab.
  3. Configure the cover page by specifying the file path of logo image, title, organization name, author name. You can preview the page at the right hand side of the Document Properties window.
  4. Click OK.

Note: Built-in cover page is only visible in exported document, not in Doc. Composer.

Free Style Cover Page

Free style cover page provides you with a page that appears at the beginning of a document for you to design the page. You can add any text and image freely on the cover page and position them in any position you like within the cover page. To insert a free style cover page:

  1. Click on the   button on the document’s toolbar and then select Cover Page from the drop down menu.
  2. When you insert a free style page the first time, you are prompted to override the generate cover page option. By default, the built-in cover page would be chosen as cover page. When you try to insert a free style cover page, the built-in cover page would be ignored. This option is to ask for your confirmation for ignoring the built-in cover page. Click OK to confirm.
  3. You will see an empty cover page added to the beginning of the document. Note that the page MUST be added to the beginning of document and you cannot control its location. If you want to add a page of custom content in the middle of the document, insert a Free Style Page instead.
  4. Start editing the page by inserting text and image. To insert text or image into the page, right click on the background of cover page and select Insert Free Style Text or Insert Free Style Image from the popup menu.
  5. Fill in the text or select the image file to insert to the page. Repeat step 3 and 4 to complete the page.