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What is Doc Field

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A Doc Field is a special piece of text within a Doc Base. Doc Fields will be replaced by your actual project content when being read by Doc. Composer during document exporting. Here is an example of Doc Field:

${DIAGRAM, "List of use case diagrams", "UseCaseDiagram", LoopInProject, PROPERTY=name}

A Doc Field is written in this format: ${list_of_parameters}. We will talk about the parameters in detail in coming sections.

Simply speaking, if you create a Word document, type the above text into the document, save the document as a Word file, import the file into Doc. Composer as a Doc Base and then export a document from Doc. Composer, the exported document will look like this:

Use Case Diagram1, Use Case Diagram2, Use Case Diagram3

Here we assume that your project contains three use case diagrams, namely Use Case Diagram1,  Use Case Diagram2, Use Case Diagram3.

This is how Doc Field basically works – You type the field text into your document at the places where you need to embed your project content, save the document, import it into Doc. Composer and let it produce a new document by replacing those fields with project content.

There are six kinds of fields. The following gives you the basic ideas of each fields, along with their required formats and capabilities. The detailed usage of these fields will be covered in next big sections.