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Touching-up a document

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If your Doc Base contains any of the following kinds of Doc Fields, you have to touch-up the document in order to export a document file from Doc. Composer.

  • Doc Field with Any as source
  • Doc Field with One as source
  • Doc Field with LoopInElement as source
  • Doc Field with LoopInDiagram as source
  • ${TEXT} field

To “touch-up” a document means to select diagram(s) or model element(s), or to enter the content required by Doc Fields in a document. For example, if in a Doc Base there exist a ${TEXT} like this:

<${TEXT, "Project Name"}>

You’ll have to provide the project name in Doc. Composer. Here is what you will see in Doc. Composer:

In the example above, we have entered My Project as the project name.

Another example would be the use of ${ELEMENT} field, with One as source:

${ELEMENT, "Name of Use Case", "UseCase", One, PROPERTY=name}

This example means to output the name of a use case to the document and such a use case shall be specified in Doc. Composer. Here is how the Doc. Composer will look like when applying a Doc Base that contains such an ${ELEMENT} field.

Appearance of an ${ELEMENT} field in Doc. Comoposer

What you need to do is to click on the Element link. Note that the title of this link varies depending on the type of field and source specified.

To select a model element

Then, select the desired element(s) and click OK to confirm.

Selecting a use case