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Adding table of contents

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A table of contents is a list of key parts of a document. It is often constructed by headers or key titles in a document, to present readers with and outline of the whole document.

Doc. Composer allows you to insert a table of contents into a document. A table of contents can be formed not only from traditional headings styles like Heading 1 and Heading 2 but from any kind of style, even from user-defined styles. To insert a table of contents:

  1. Select the content block where you want to insert a table of contents beforehand.
  2. Click on the  button on the document’s toolbar and then select Table of Contents from the drop down menu.

To change the title, maximum number of level, level detection or styles of a table of contents, to configure it. To configure a table of contents, right click on the table of contents and select Configure Table of Contents… from the popup menu.

Here is a description of different parts of the Configure Table of Contents window.

Configure table of contents

Part Description
1 The title of the table of contents. This is the text that appear above the table of contents in document.
2 Determine the depth of the table of contents.
3 Specify the style to check for each level. If you want level 1 shows all content with Heading 1 as style, select Level 1 on the left hand side, Heading 1 on right hand side, and click < to match them up.
4 Specify the appearance of text in table of contents. You can apply different styles for different rows (levels).

To update a table of contents to make it reflect the structure of the latest document content, right click on the table of contents and select Update Table of Contents from the popup menu.