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Supported Diagram Types

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The following table contains all the diagram types available in Visual Paradigm 15.0. When you need to query a specific type of diagram with DCTL, make sure the value presented in the second column is used. Please be aware that the list is version specific, so you may not find all of them in previous versions. The diagram types are ordered following the Diagram Navigator, so that you can easily locate the diagram type you want.

Display Diagram Type Diagram Type to Use in Fields/Templates
Use Case Diagram UseCaseDiagram
Class Diagram ClassDiagram
Sequence Diagram InteractionDaigram
Communication Diagram CommunicationDiagram
State Machine Diagram StateDiagram
Activity Diagram ActivityDiagram
Component Diagram ComponentDiagram
Deployment Diagram DeploymentDiagram
Package Diagram PackageDiagram
Object Diagram ObjectDiagram
Composite Structure Diagram CompositeStructureDiagram
Timing Diagram TimingDiagram
Interaction Overview Diagram InteractionOverviewDiagram
Textual Analysis TextualAnalysis
Requirement Diagram RequirementDiagram
Business Concept Diagram FreehandDiagram2
CRC Card Diagram CRCCardDiagram
Android Tablet Wireframe WFAndroidTabletDiagram
Android Phone Wireframe WFAndroidPhoneDiagram
Desktop Wireframe WFDesktopDiagram
iPad Wireframe WFIPadDiagram
iPhone Wireframe WFIPhoneDiagram
Web Wireframe WFWebDiagram
Entity Relationship Diagram ERDiagram
ORM Diagram ORMDiagram
Business Process Diagram BusinessProcessDiagram
Conversation Diagram ConversationDiagram
Data Flow Diagram DataFlowDiagram
EPC Diagram EPCDiagram
Process Overview Diagram ProcessMapDiagram
Organization Chart OrganizationChart
Fact Model FactDiagram
Decision Table DTBDecisionTableEditorDiagram
Block Definition Diagram BlockDefinitionDiagram
Internal Block Diagram InternalBlockDiagram
Parametric Diagram ParametricDiagram
Zachman Framework ZachmanDiagram
Migration Roadmap MigrationRoadmap
Business Motivation Model Diagram BusinessMotivationModelDiagram
ArchiMate Diagram ArchiMateDiagram
Maturity Analysis MaturityAnalysis
Implementation Plan Diagram ArchitectureRoadmap
Enhanced PERT Chart PERTChart
Breakdown Structure Diagram BreakdownStructure
Cause and Effect Diagram FishboneDiagram
Service Interface Diagram SoaMLServiceInterfaceDiagram
Service Participant Diagram SoaMLServiceParticipantDiagram
Service Contract Diagram SoaMLServiceContractDiagram
Services Architecture Diagram SoaMLServicesArchitectureDiagram
Service Categorization Diagram ServiceCategorizationDiagram
CMMN Diagram CMMNDiagram
Matrix Diagram MatrixDiagram
Analaysis Diagram AnalysisDiagram
Chart Diagram ChartDiagram
Overview Diagram OverviewDiagram
User Interface Diagram UserInterfaceDiagram
Mind Mapping Diagram MindMapDiagram
Grid GridDiagram
Brainstorm Brainstorm
Profile Diagram ProfileDiagram
Documentation Cabinet DocumentationCabinet
Doc. Composer Document ReportDiagram