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Introducing Doc. Composer

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Doc. Composer is a document builder in Visual Paradigm. It provides the necessary tools development teams need to write their own project documentation with design specification embedded.

What is Doc. Composer?

Documentation is important in any software project. We write software requirement specification for describing requirements, database specification for detailing database structure, process specification for visualizing business activities, etc. Well written documentation can ensure quality software to be developed, and can make a good impression on customers and stakeholders. However, we understand that time is limited and writing good documentation is not something we relish doing. Therefore, we introduced Doc. Composer, a document builder that saves your previous time in writing documentation by providing a smooth integration between your documentation and your software design. As long as you need to have your design or design specification appear in your documentation, Doc. Composer can help.

Modes of Doc. Composer

When you open Doc. Composer, you will be prompted to select either to build a document from scratch, or to produce a document with a “Fill-in Doc”. Here is a description of the two modes of Doc. Composer.

Build from Scratch

To build a document with the Build from Scratch mode is to being from a blank document, and then make use of the tools and element templates to write and complete the document.

Fill-in Doc

Typically, a project documentation or report is a combination of background information like project goal, scope and constraints, and design details like use case details, database design, process design, etc. The Fill-in Doc mode of Doc. Composer is designed to help you “fill-in” the design details of your documentation.