Chapter 27. Export and Import

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  5. Using Project Publisher with command

Using Project Publisher with command

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To publish project through command line:

  1. Browse the scripts folder under the Visual Paradigm installation directory. For Mac users, you can find the scripts folder in the Visual Paradigm package by right clicking on it and then selecting Show Package Contents. Then look in Contents\Resources\app\scripts for the scripts folder.
  2. Start the command prompt.
  3. Execute the script by supplying the required parameters. For example:
    ProjectPublisher -project C:\Demo\Demo.vpp -out C:\Demo\Output

    Parameter Description Example
    -project Project path C:\Demo\Demo.vpp
    -out The folder path of the files to be published C:\Demo\Output
    By default, Project Publisher produces content for the active nickname. You can make it published a specific nickname by specifying the nickname parameter. Spanish