Chapter 27. Export and Import

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Exporting Visual Paradigm project

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Interoperability is the ability to exchange information between two systems and to use the information that has been exchanged. Visual Paradigm supports interoperability with native .vpp project file. You can export some of the diagrams to a project file, send to your team member for editing and feed the changes back to Visual Paradigm. In this chapter, you will see how to export project file for diagrams in project. To export VP project:

  1. Select Project > Export > Visual Paradigm Project… from the toolbar.
  2. Specify the output destination.
  3. Check in the diagram tree the diagrams to export. If you want to export the whole project, check the top most root node.
  4. Click Export button. Upon finishing, you can visit the output destination specified to obtain the .vpp project file.

Overview of exporting VP project

Overview of Export Project window

No. Name Description
1 Output destination The location where you want to save the file.
2 Diagrams / Model Elements Select the diagram(s) or model element(s) to export.
3 Preview window By checking the selected diagram and Show preview, it will be shown in preview window.
4 Preview mode You can choose either Stretch or Real size to preview your diagram.
Stretch: The ratio of your diagram will be fit in the size of preview window.
Real size: The ratio of your diagram will be shown on the preview window as its real size.
5 Export Click Export to proceed with exporting to VP project.
6 Cancel Click Cancel to discard exporting to VP project.
7 Help More information about how to export VP Project can be obtained by clicking this button.