Chapter 27. Export and Import

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  5. Importing NetBeans 6.x UML diagrams to Visual Paradigm

Importing NetBeans 6.x UML diagrams to Visual Paradigm

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  1. Here is a NetBeans UML Diagram:
    A Class Diagram drew in NetBeans
    To import a NetBeans UML project into Visual Paradigm, select Project > Import > NetBeans UML Project… in the toolbar of Visual Paradigm.
  2. Specify the file path of the NetBeans Java project folder.
  3. Click OK to start importing. When import is completed, the message pane will pop up with a notification. The drawings can then be accessible in the Diagram Navigator. You can then double click on the diagram node to open the diagram.
    A class diagram imported from NetBeans UML ProjectNote: Due to different ways in presenting diagrams in Visual Paradigm and NetBeans, the imported shapes may be bigger than normal.
    To fit a shape’s size, move the mouse cover over it and press on the resource icon  at the bottom right of shape.
    To fit size for all shapes, right click on the diagram background and select Diagram Content > Auto Fit Shapes Size
    in the popup menu.