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Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned is one of the project management deliverable you can create with our project management lifecycle tool.

Lessons Learned document the lessons learned based on both the positive experiences, and the negative experiences that result in undesirable outcomes. Lessons learning is a process to convert experiences into knowledge to aid future decision making and problem solving. It helps improve project performance, avoid mistakes from happening again, and maintain good practices.

This article shows you how to develop a Lessons Learned.

Activity 1: Conduct Closeout Meeting

Conduct a closeout meeting with the project participants and wrap up the project. Collect feedback from project participants, discuss them so that lessons learned are captured and issues are analyzed.

Activity 2: Review Project Successes

Capture at least 3 of the key successes achieved by the project, the factors that related to their success and how similar projects may benefit from this information.

Lessons Learned: Project Successes

Activity 3: Review Project Shortcomings

Capture difficulties or shortcomings encountered during the development life cycle. Document the things that you would/could do differently next time to improve or mitigate the difficulties, both for each difficulty identified and as a whole (more holistic and strategic in nature).

Lessons Learned: Project Shortcomings