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Project Proposal

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Project Proposal is one of the project management document you can create with our project management lifecycle tool.

Project Proposal is a document that describes what needs to be done, why is the project worth doing and the overall strategies that enable the project to be accomplished. By the end of the Identification phase, the project sponsor evaluates the proposal and decide whether to approve it or not. If approved, the project is said to be identified. The initiation phase will then begin. If rejected, the project will be terminated. The following sections describe the contents of a typical Project Proposal in detail.

This article walks you through the activities required to develop a Project Proposal in Identification phase.

Activity 1: Create Project Summary

Create project summary

Provide a description of the project and the business needs it intends to fulfill. In this step, you are required to enter the followings:

  • Project Description: An overview of the history behind the project. You may also include the description of requests made by the project sponsor underlying the need for an IT project.
  • Statement of Need or Opportunity: Describe the purpose of the project. This could be a business problem being solved or an opportunity for an improvement from a customer’s perspective.
  • Business Objective(s): The desired result produced by a project that answers or resolves the business problem.

Project Proposal Project Summary

Activity 2: Identify Project Initiator and/or Sponsor

Identify the project initiator and sponsor.

Typically, projects are originated from an external body such as a sponsor, PMO, or an authorized portfolio governing body representative / steering committee. In this activity you are required to identify the project initiator and project sponsor. You have to enter the names of the person who serve these roles and their major responsibilities.

Project Proposal Project Initiator

Activity 3: Identify Customers and Final Deliverables

Identify customers and beneficiaries

Identify who will benefit from this project including the customers and beneficiaries of the effort.

Project Proposal Customers

Identify project deliverables

Identify the key outputs from the project. Typically, an output is a software product, an IT system, a major piece of system function, or even well-defined processes, etc. For each deliverable, state the planned time of completion.

Project Proposal Final Deliverables

Activity 4: Define Project Approach

Define project approach

Define the project approach, which is a set of strategies that enables a project be planned, executed and completed.

Determine project timeframe

Define a high level project timeframe that lists out the major milestones of the project. A summary of major milestones and deliverables will be created in the Initiation phase.

Activity 5: Identify Resource Requirements

Identify the resources (human, physical, other) and skills required to complete this project.

Activity 6: Identify Project Success Criteria

Identify the principles or standards used to determine or judge project success.

Activity 7: Identify Critical Success Factors

Identify the factors that must be in place to ensure success of the proposed solution.