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Quality and IV&V Plan

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Quality and IV&V Plan is one of the project management deliverable you can create with our project management lifecycle tool.

Quality Management & IV&V Plan documents product and project related quality assurance activities.

This article shows you how to develop a Quality and IV&V Plan.

Activity 1: Perform Quality Management & IV&V Planning

Describe product testing

Identify the planning of product-related quality assurance activities. Ensure that in-process control plans, which address quality control areas, are defined. Revise the quality strategy as required.

Quality Management IV&V: Product Testing

Describe project audit

Identify the planning of project-related quality assurance activities. Determine how often the project plan will be reviewed to check for task slippage and any impact on dependencies.

Describe Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Identify the planning of Independent Verification and Validation activities to be performed by disinterested third party.