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Procurement Log

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Procurement Log is one of the project management deliverable you can create with our project management lifecycle tool.

Procurement log records procurement activities. For each transaction, provide information about the transaction and store the related and supporting documents in the Project Management Repository. (e.g. signed contracts, purchase orders, statements of work)

This article shows you how to develop a Procurement Log.

Activity 1: Conduct Execution Kick-off Meeting

Conduct an execution kick-off meeting focuses the team on the project and defines a starting point for project execution, which involves identifying team members and stakeholders, reviewing project scope and objectives, identifying challenges and main steps to get the project underway, and informing the team of ground rules such as the working style and communication plan.

Activity 2: Log Procurement Activities

Log the items procured. Capture basic information from the requisition or purchase order and archive the related documents in Project Management Repository.

 Procurement Log: Procurement Activities