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User Acceptance Report

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User Acceptance Report is one of the project management document you can create with our project management lifecycle software.

When the deliverables are developed, the user will evaluate whether the deliverables satisfy the requirements. This may also be done by an independent IV&V reviewer, according to the Quality and IV&V plan performed in the Planning Phase. The user or the IV&V reviewer will assess the success criteria identified in the Project Charter, and the acceptance criteria documented in the Project Performance Plan, in judging project success. The result of evaluation is documented in a User Acceptance Report.

This article shows you how to develop a User Acceptance Report.

Activity 1: Perform User Acceptance Testing

Describe the result of user acceptance testing

Describe the result of acceptance testing. You should state the result of user evaluation as well to describe any contingencies or conditions related to the acceptance of the deliverables.User Acceptance Report: Final Deliverables

List the outstanding issues and determine the resolution plans

If a deliverable is rejected, the user must clearly identify any departures from the acceptance criteria and agree to a plan which resolves the resulting issues. In this section, you are required to list out the issues and the corresponding resolution plans.