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Project Complexity Assessment

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Project Complexity Assessment is one of the project management deliverable you can create with our project management lifecycle software.

If your project is about developing a simple tic-tac-toc game, it may seem a bit overkill to perform management activities for budget, procurement, staffing resources, right? In the IT Project Management Framework, there is a classification mechanism that helps identify your project’s complexity, which determines the activities required to perform.

The classification mechanism involves the answering of a project complexity questionnaire. By answering a set of complexity questions, a total score along with a classification of project complexity will be obtained.

This article shows you how to perform project complexity assessment.

Activity 1: Perform Initial Project Complexity Assessment

Learn what Project Complexity is and how it influences your project management activities

A project’s complexity determines what activities and deliverables are required for managing a project. It is an important concept that you must understand clearly in order to adopt this project management framework. Read a short passage about project complexity. Make sure you understand what it is before you continue.

Project Complexity Assessment: About the Assessment

Perform initial project complexity assessment

Complete the project complexity questionnaire by answering a set of complexity questions. A total score along with a classification of project complexity will be obtained when all questions have been answered.

Project Complexity Assessment: Answering Questionnaire

Study the result of project complexity assessment

Take a look at the result of project complexity assessment. See the total project complexity score and the classification of complexity.

Project Complexity Assessment: Result