Chapter 31. TOGAF ADM Guide-Through

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Communications Plan

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Communications Plan is one of the TOGAF deliverables you can create with the TOGAF software. It describes the Communications Plan for your project.

Enterprise architectures contain large volumes of complex and inter-dependent information. Effective communication of targeted information to the right stakeholders at the right time is a critical success factor for enterprise architecture. Communications Plan allows for this communication to be carried out within a planned and managed process.

Step 1: Develop Communications Plan

List the stakeholders and describe their information needs

Communication is the way to deliver information needed by someone. In this step, determine the people and target group that need to receive a particular kind of information.

TOGAF stakeholder communication requirements

Complete the communication matrix

For each information need, identify the purpose of such need (e.g., to meet a requirement, to build buy-in, to build consensus, to fulfill a tradition), the provider of the information, when and how it is collected, and how the information will be reported.

TOGAF communication matrix

Identify delivery vehicles

For each report or document needed to communicate information, identify the primary and secondary distribution vehicles, which are the methods for delivering the report or document (e.g., email, verbal, conference call, meeting, written memo, newsletter, website, formal presentation, status report). Specify the frequency or distribution for each report or document.

TOGAF delivery vehicle