Chapter 31. TOGAF ADM Guide-Through

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1. Working with TOGAF ADM Guide-through

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What is TOGAF ADM Guide-Through Process?

The TOGAF ADM is the result of continuous contributions from a large number of architecture practitioners. It describes a method for developing an enterprise architecture, and forms the core of TOGAF. It integrates elements of TOGAF described in this document as well as other available architectural assets, to meet the business and IT needs of an organization. The Architecture Development Method (ADM) is the core of TOGAF which describes a method for developing and managing the lifecycle of enterprise architecture.

But according to many people’s experience, to start a new EA project hasn’t been easy due to the following reasons:

  • Hard to get Enterprise Architecture development started. It involves a lots of upfront investment, trainings and additional resources.
  • Staffs’ skills are no sufficient or not mature enough to properly kick start a EA Project.
  • The deliverables of the IT projects counterdicting with business goal and objectives.
  • As a result, the proliferation of various isolated and ad-hoc initiatives are developed randomly without following any guidelines, standards or procedures.
  • The standard requirements of the deliverables are often tedious and very time consuming.

Visual Paradigm’s TOGAF ADM Guide-Through Process illustrated below is specifically designed for streamlining the entire EA process:

TOGAF ADM Process Guide-throughVisual Paradigm’s unique Guide-Through Process provides all of the following features: instructions, samples, steps, input references for performing analysis, classify and archive in documentation repository.

  • The Guide-Through Process lets you follow a step-by-step path so you can navigate back and forth within each development phase. Using the the Process Navigator you can traverse around different phases. The progress indicator pinpoints where you are and what needs to be done in the next steps.
  • Different stakeholders from different domains (project owner, business analyst, enterprise architect and IT professionals) can collaborate easily and effectively. This is attained by following the well designed open standard TOGAF ADM with ArchiMate 3 modeling language support (The Open Group Certified ArchiMate tool).
  • Once you have finished the auto guide-through process as a result number of neatly completed deliverables will be produced.
  • These deliverables contain all the information filled, diagrams drawn and analysis performed which were collected from the guide-through process.