Chapter 31. TOGAF ADM Guide-Through

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Business Principles, Goals and Drivers

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Business Principles, Goals and Drivers is one of the TOGAF deliverable you can create with the TOGAF tool. It describes business principles, business goals, and business drivers.

Business principles, business goals, and business drivers provide context for architecture work, by describing the needs and ways of working employed by the enterprise. Many factors that lie outside the consideration of architecture discipline may nevertheless have significant implications for the way that architecture is developed.

Step 1: Restate Business Principles, Goals and Drivers

Restate business principles

Restate the Business Principles of the enterprise.

The definition of Architecture Principles is fundamental to the development of an enterprise architecture. Architecture work is informed by Business Principles as well as Architecture Principles. The Architecture Principles themselves are also normally based in part on business principles. It is important that the definitions of Business Principles are current, and to clarify any areas of ambiguity.

TOGAF Business Principles

Restate organization mission statement, business goals and strategic plans

Provide a brief overview of the business context, with the focus on describing the key business opportunity or goals to be addressed.

Topics to consider include:

  • Organization’s mission statements: Short and simple description that outlines a specific purpose of a business. In general, a mission statement will remain the same for a long period of time. Yet, it is not uncommon for it to be updated; this generally happens when an organization evolves.
  • Business goals: Statements of an achievement to realize, for example, ‘to run a profitable business’. Usually, a business goal involves in one of these areas: profitability, customer service, retention, efficiency, and growth.
  • Strategic plans of the business: Description of the strategy and direction to go to achieve the business goals stated, and how resources are allocated and mobilized in executing the actions involved.

TOGAF business goals

Restate business drivers

Restate the business drivers on an organization. The impacts of environmental trends on an organization are described as the business drivers. Another way to view business drivers is that they represent the business’ understanding of the way the business must itself change in response to changes and trends in the environment.

TOGAF business drivers