Chapter 31. TOGAF ADM Guide-Through

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Request for Architecture Work

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Request for Architecture Work is one of the TOGAF deliverables you can create with the TOGAF software.

This document is sent from the sponsoring organization to the architecture organization to trigger the start of an architecture development cycle. It describes the business imperatives behind the architecture work, thus driving the requirements and performance metrics for the architecture work.

Step 1: Develop Request for Architecture Work

Complete the form of ‘Request for Architecture Work’


Provide a high level summary of what has to be changed. Here are the information you should enter:

  • Project Background: Description of requests made by the sponsoring organization underlying the need for architecture work.
  • Summary of Request: A brief description of the changes required to achieve. Think about the problems to be solved by developing an architecture. You may also include the rationale and the objectives of changes.
  • Organization Sponsors: Sponsors are identified and appointed to ensure that the rest of the architecture development activities have resources to proceed and to clear support of the business management.

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Overview

Business Imperative

In this section, you have to provide a brief overview of the business context as well as the major change or goal that the organization attempts to reach. You should focus on describing the key business opportunity or issue to be addressed. Here is the information you should enter:

  • Business Mission Statements
  • Business Goals
  • Strategic Plans of the Business
  • Changes in the Business Environment
  • Purpose of Architecture Work

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Business Imperative

Success Criteria

How to judge if the architecture work to perform is a success? To what extent do you want the business to be improved? Indicate what a “good” outcome of the architecture work will look like. Short term criteria defines the desired content and usage of the architecture work products, for example, the in-place of new CRM system. Long term criteria defines the eventual business improvements resulting from this architecture work, for example, an increase of revenue by 10%.

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Success Criteria

Project Timeframe

Draw an implementation plan to define a high level project timeframe. Show in the diagram the major activities of the project and their planned durations. After that, rationalize your plan by providing any supporting reason for the activities and dates being what they are – e.g., dependencies on other projects, funding, other requirements.

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Project Timeframe


List the constraints on any architecture work to be taken.

Constraints typically present fiscal limitations, physical limitations (for example, network capacity), time limitations (for example, completion before significant events such as the next annual meeting), or any other limitation you anticipate as a factor that affects the achievement of any architecture activities.

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Constraints

Additional Information

If there is already a system in use, or if you are going to work on a pre-built architecture, you should briefly describe them in this section.

TOGAF Request for Architecture Work: Additional Information