Chapter 31. TOGAF ADM Guide-Through

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9. Phase F – Migration Planning

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Phase F (Migration Planning) addresses migration planning; that is, how to move from the Baseline to the Target Architectures by finalizing a detailed Implementation and Migration Plan. It is the creation of an Implementation and Migration Plan in co-operation with the portfolio and project managers.


Phase E provides an incomplete Architecture Roadmap and Implementation and Migration Plan that address the Request for Architecture Work. In Phase F this Roadmap and the Implementation and Migration Plan are integrated with the enterprise’s other change activity.


The objectives of Phase F are to:

  • Finalize the Architecture Roadmap and the supporting Implementation and Migration Plan
  • Ensure that the Implementation and Migration Plan is co-ordinated with the enterprise’s approach to managing and implementing change in the enterprise’s overall change portfolio
  • Ensure that the business value and cost of work packages and Transition Architectures is understood by key stakeholders


This section defines the inputs to Phase F.

  • Reference Materials External to the Enterprise
  • Non-Architectural Inputs
  • Architectural Inputs


The level of detail addressed in Phase F will depend on the scope and goals of the overall architecture effort. The order of the steps in Phase F as well as the time at which they are formally started and completed should be adapted to the situation at hand in accordance with the established Architecture Governance.

The steps in Phase F are as follows:

  1. Confirm Management Framework Interactions for the Implementation and Migration Plan
  2. Assign a Business Value to Each Work Package
  3. Estimate Resource Requirements, Project Timings, and Availability/Delivery Vehicle
  4. Prioritize the migration projects through the conduct of a cost/benefit assessment and risk validation (see 13.3.4 Prioritize the Migration Projects through the Conduct of a Cost/Benefit Assessment and Risk Validation
  5. Confirm Architecture Roadmap and Update Architecture Definition Document
  6. Complete the Implementation and Migration Plan
  7. Complete the Architecture Development Cycle and Document Lessons Learned


The outputs of Phase F may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Implementation and Migration Plan, Version 1.0
  • Finalized Architecture Definition Document
  • Finalized Architecture Requirements Specification
  • Finalized Architecture Roadmap
  • Re-Usable Architecture Building Blocks
  • Requests for Architecture Work for a new iteration of the ADM cycle (if any)
  • Implementation Governance Model (if any)
  • Change Requests for the Architecture Capability arising from lessons learned