Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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  5. SvcV-2 – Services Resource Flow Description

SvcV-2 – Services Resource Flow Description

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A SvcV-2 specifies the Resource Flows between Services and may also list the protocol stacks used in connections.


The intended usage of the SvcV-2 includes:

  • Resource Flow specification.

Product Description

A SvcV-2 comprises Services, their ports, and the Service Resource Flows between those ports. The SvcV-2 may also be used to describe non-IT type services such as Search and Rescue. The architect may choose to create a diagram for each Service Resource Flow and the producing Service, each Service Resource Flow and consuming Service, or to show all the Service Resource Flows on one diagram if this is possible.

Creating a Services Resource Flow Description

To create a Services Resource Flow Description diagram:

  1. Click on Services Resource Flow Description in the Action Artifact area, and then select Create New Diagram.
  2. Type the diagram name and press Enter.
  3. A blank diagram is created and you can start constructing the view. Reuse resource types (ResourceArchitecture / System / CapabilityConfiguration / Organization / Person / Post / Responsibility / Project / NaturalResource / ResourceArtifact / Software / Technology) (recommended) through dragging and dropping them from the Model Explorer. Resource types are defined in SvcV-1.
  4. Create ResourceConnectors between ResourceRoles. If ResourceRoles weren’t yet defined in SvcV-1, you can create them in this view.

DoDAF Example: Services Resource Flow Description

DoDAF in Visual Paradigm

The DoDAF is brought to you by Visual Paradigm, a full-featured development platform. Visual Paradigm provides an easy-to-use, model-driven DoDAF tool that supports the development of DoDAF 2.02 views and models. You can create integrated DoDAF products and generate architectural documents that facilitate organizations to efficiently coordinate enterprise architecture initiatives.