Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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CV-4 – Capability Dependencies

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The CV-4 describes the dependencies between planned capabilities. The CV-4 is intended to provide a means of analyzing the dependencies between capabilities. The groupings of capabilities are logical, and the purpose of the groupings is to guide enterprise management. In particular, the dependencies and groupings may suggest specific interactions between acquisition projects to achieve the overall capability.


The intended usage of the CV-4 includes:

  • Identification of capability dependencies.
  • Capability management (impact analysis for options, disposal etc.).

Product Description

The CV-4 is a diagram that depicts the dependencies between capabilities. This contrasts with CV-2 Capability Taxonomy model which also deals with relationships between Capabilities; but CV-2 only addresses specialization-generalization relationships.

Creating a Capability Dependencies diagram

To create a Capability Dependencies diagram:

  1. Click on Capability Dependencies in the Action Artifact area, and then select Create New Diagram.
  2. Type the diagram name and press Enter.
  3. A blank diagram is created and you can start constructing the view. Reuse Capabilities (recommended) through dragging and dropping them from the Model Explorer. Capabilities are defined in CV-2.
  4. Connect Capabilities with Dependencies.
  5. You can optionally model the specialization relationships among Capabilities by drawing Generalizations between them.

DoDAF Example: Capability Dependencies

DoDAF in Visual Paradigm

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