Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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SV-9 – Systems Technology & Skills Forecast

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The SV-9 defines the underlying current and expected supporting technologies and skills. Expected supporting technologies and skills are those that can be reasonably forecast given the current state of technology and skills as well as the expected improvements or trends. New technologies and skills are tied to specific time periods, which can correlate against the time periods used in SV-8 milestones and linked to Capability Phases.

The SV-9 provides a summary of emerging technologies and skills that impact the architecture. The SV-9 provides descriptions of relevant:

  • Emerging capabilities.
  • Industry trends.
  • Predictions (with associated confidence factors) of the availability and readiness of specific hardware and software systems.
  • Current and possible future skills.

In addition to providing an inventory of trends, capabilities, and systems, the DoDAF-described Model SV-9 also includes an assessment of the potential impact of these items on the architecture. Given the future-oriented nature of this model, forecasts are typically made in short, mid and long-term timeframes, such as 6, 12 and 18-month intervals.


The intended usage of the SV-9 includes:

  • Forecasting technology readiness against time.
  • HR Trends Analysis.
  • Recruitment Planning.
  • Planning technology insertion.
  • Input to options analysis.

Product Description

A SV-9 summarizes predictions about trends in technology and personnel. Architects may produce separate SV-9 products for technology and human resources.

The specific time periods selected (and the trends being tracked) are coordinated with architecture transition plans (which the SV-8 Systems Evolution Description model can support). That is, insertion of new capabilities and upgrading or re-training of existing resources may depend on or be driven by the availability of new technology and associated skills. The forecast includes potential impacts on current architectures and thus influences the development of transition and target architectures.

Alternatively, the SV-9 may relate forecasts to SV elements (e.g., systems) where applicable. The list of resources potentially impacted by the forecasts can also be summarized as additional information in a SV-9.

Creating a Systems Technology & Skills Forecast (table)

To create a Systems Technology & Skills Forecast table:

  1. Click on Systems Technology & Skills Forecast in the Action Artifact area, and then select Create New Diagram.
  2. Type the diagram name and press Enter.
  3. This opens the table of forecasts. Click on New Systems Technology & Skills Forecast above the table to create a new row.
  4. Enter the details of the forecast.

DoDAF Example: Systems Technology and Skills Forecast