Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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  5. StdV-2 – Standards Forecast

StdV-2 – Standards Forecast

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The StdV-2 contains expected changes in technology-related standards, operational standards, or business standards and conventions, which are documented in the StdV-1 model. The forecast for evolutionary changes in the standards need to be correlated against the time periods mentioned in the SV-8 Systems Evolution Description, SvcV-8 Services Evolution Description, SV-9 Systems Technology & Skills Forecast, and SvcV-9 Services Technology & Skills Forecast models.

A StdV-2 is a detailed description of emerging standards relevant to the systems, operational, and business activities covered by the Architectural Description. The forecast should be tailored to focus on areas that are related to the purpose for which a given Architectural Description is being built, and should identify issues that affect the architecture. A StdV-2 complements and expands on the StdV-1 Standards Profile model and should be used when more than one emerging standard time-period is applicable to the architecture.


The intended usage of the StdV-2 includes:

  • Forecasting future changes in standards (informing project strategy).

Product Description

The StdV-2 presents a table of draft or emerging standards that are likely to have a bearing on the architecture or the capability being architected. As with Std-V1 the standards may be technical or business-related, and may include future legislation.

Creating a Standards Forecast (table)

To create a Standards Forecast table:

  1. Click on Standards Forecast in the Action Artifact area, and then select Create New Diagram.
  2. Type the diagram name and press Enter.
  3. This opens the table of Standards. Click on New Standards Forecasts above the table to create a new row.
  4. Enter the details of the forecast.

DoDAF Example: Standards Forecast

DoDAF in Visual Paradigm

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