Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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AV-1 – Overview and Summary Information

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The overview and summary information contained within the AV-1 provides executive-level summary information in a consistent form that allows quick reference and comparison between Architectural Descriptions.


The intended usage of the AV-1 includes:

  • Scope the architecture effort.
  • Provide context to the architecture effort.
  • Define the architecture effort.
  • Summarize the findings from the architecture effort.
  • Assist search within an architecture repository.

Product Description

AV-1 is a structured text product that documents the following information about the architecture:

  • Architectural Description Identification: the architecture project name, the architect, and the organization developing the architecture. It also includes assumptions and constraints, identifies the approving authority and the completion date, and records the level of effort required to develop the architecture.
  • Scope: the Views and Products that have been developed and the temporal nature of the architecture, such as the time frame covered, whether by specific years or by designations such as current, target, transitional, etc. Scope also identifies the Enterprises and Enterprise Phases that fall within the scope of the architecture.
  • Purpose and Perspective: the need for the architecture, what it will demonstrate, the types of analyses that will be applied to it, who is expected to perform the analyses, what decisions are expected to be made on the basis the analysis, who is expected to make those decisions, and what actions are expected to result.
  • Context: a description of the setting in which an architecture exists. Context includes such things as mission, doctrine, concepts of operation, threats, environmental conditions, and geographical areas addressed. Context also identifies the rules, criteria, and conventions that are used in the architecture. Any linkages to parallel architecture efforts should be identified.
  • Tools and Files Formats Used: the tool suite used to develop the architecture and file names and formats for the Architectural Products if appropriate.

Creating an Overview and Summary Information

AV-1 is a structured text product. To create such a product:

  1. Click on Overview and Summary Information in the Action Artifact area.
  2. Fill in the fields

DoDAF Example: Overview and Summary Information

DoDAF in Visual Paradigm

The DoDAF is brought to you by Visual Paradigm, a full-featured development platform. Visual Paradigm provides an easy-to-use, model-driven DoDAF tool that supports the development of DoDAF 2.02 views and models. You can create integrated DoDAF products and generate architectural documents that facilitate organizations to efficiently coordinate enterprise architecture initiatives.