Chapter 36. DoDAF Tool

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PV-1 – Project Portfolio Relationships

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The PV-1 represents an organizational perspective on programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives.

The PV-1 enables the user to model the organizational structures needed to manage programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives. It shows dependency relationships between the actual organizations that own the programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives. This model could be used to represent organizational relationships associated with transformation initiatives along with those who are responsible for managing programs, projects, and portfolios. The PV-1 provides a means of analyzing the main dependencies between acquisition elements or transformation elements.


The intended usage of the PV-1 includes:

  • Program management (specified acquisition program structure).
  • Project organization.
  • Cross-cutting initiatives to be tracked across portfolios.

Product Description

The PV-1 describes how acquisition projects are grouped in organizational terms as a coherent portfolio of acquisition programs or projects, or initiatives related to several portfolios. The PV-1 provides a way of describing the organizational relationships between multiple acquisition projects or portfolios, each of which are responsible for delivering individual systems or capabilities. By definition, this model covers acquisition portfolios or programs consisting of multiple projects and is generally not for an individual project.

In essence, PV-1 is an organizational breakdown consisting of actual organizations (see OV-4 Organizational Relationships Chart model). The model is strongly linked with the CV-4 Capability Dependencies model which shows capability groupings and dependencies.

Creating a Project Portfolio Relationships (diagram)

To create a Project Portfolio Relationships diagram:

  1. Click on Project Portfolio Relationships in the Action Artifact area.
  2. A blank diagram is created and you can start constructing the view. You can create ActualProject, ActualOrganization, ActualPerson and ActualPost.

DoDAF Example: Project Portfolio Relationships

DoDAF in Visual Paradigm

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